Education Reimagined

EduPortle delivers a secure, Single Sign-on education portal that mimics an in-person classroom schedule and easily delivers any LMS and Educational Application to anyone, anywhere - regardless of end-user device and a minimum 3G internet connection.

Who could use EduPortle:

K-12 Schools • Universities • Private Schools • Private Colleges • Corporate Online Education
Special Industry Education • Micro-Schools

What do you get?

A seamless transition of live to online classroom

EduPortle simulates a classroom schedule where students login at their usual school start time, allow the teacher to view who has logged in and at what time, attend classes conducted by their regular teacher at their usual times, and complete assignments within the class period.

Runs on any operating System

EduPortle is operating system agnostic. Meaning, it can run on any end-user device (smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet) regardless of the Operating system being used.

Single Sign-on enabled

EduPortle users will require only one set of credentials (username and password) to securely authenticate and get access to multiple applications and LMS’s.

Bandwith friendly

EduPortle uses a highly efficient streaming technology to deliver whole desktops or single programs to the end user. Keyboard and mouse inputs are transported back and enable direct control of the connected external system with minimum latency. Meaning, user can access the full strength of a LMS or application with just a minimum 3G internet connection.


EduPortle leverages the power of the oneclick™ platform that is based on best practises in IT security through use of multi-level authentication and security policies. Plus, thanks to our highly encrypted streaming protocol, users can work more fluently on LMS’s, applications and video at a minimum bandwidth.

Access applications from one place

With just a browser, EduPortle delivers any LMS and any Application, from any infrastructure, on the right device, for the right person, at the right time and location.

Who is EduPortle for?

Teachers who utilize LMS and Education Applications

With EduPortle, teachers get a seamless transition from in-person to online classroom, personalized page and Single Sign-on with access to their LMS's and Education apps from one browser. They can utilize EduPortle's scheduler for all their classes and connect each class with the related LMS or Applications as required.

Students access virtual classes and apps during regular school times

With EduPortle, student login with a secure Single Sign-on, and view their class schedule for the day with links to LMS or Education Application they need to complete their class assignment within the same browser.

Parents who educate at home

With EduPortle parents get the flexibility to customize their own curriculum for their kids or hire a tutor to put a curriculum together with easy setup without expert knowledge and secure, real time implementation of LMS platforms and Education Applications used to deliver the lesson plans. All with no investment in hardware, no maintenance and servicing and your child will be on a familiar schedule.

IT Management made easy

EduPortle delivers a modern workplace and flexible working time models that improve the user experience with rapid provisioning, freedom to choose the device, easy access to applications and data, and the ability to work anywhere and at any time. Through the workspace in the browser, users can start a project on one device and continue it seamlessly on another device. The Hybrid Drive enables the secure exchange of documents with internal and external partners.

School Management gets all the data in one place

School Management can collect and audit statistics for all LMS’s and applications and store them for future review. In addition to collecting analytics on teachers and student use, the system can also connect to applications related to managing funds, facilities and supply management all from the same portal.


Create your own workspace
Perfect for any Academic Institution
price on request
per user / month
Billed annually
  • Bring your own applications or LMS
  • Bring your own operating System for hosting or choose from cloud providers
  • Bring your own infrastructure or choose from cloud providers
Full single user virtual desktop
Perfect for families who hire a teacher
price on request
per user / month
Billed annually
  • Bring your own applications or LMS
  • Microsoft® Windows operating system license included
  • Computing power from US data center included
Full Managed multi user virtual desktop infrastructure
Perfect for micro-schools
Please contact us to get a price quote.
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LMS and Application provisioning at its best

How it works

Step 1

Gather all apps and data you want to have on each workspace in the browser.

Step 2

Check how and where applications and data are provided.

Step 3

Connect all infrastructure and data to EduPortle and configure the front end to display class times and events.

Step 4

Start working.
Manage access and update applications remotely.

Who we are

EduPortle Inc. is a Spin-off cofounded by four technology companies MergingMinds, oneclick, Cross Strategies and Connect Solutions.
Supervisory Board
Founder & CEO
MergingMinds International LLC
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oneclick AG
Founder & CEO
Cross Strategies GmbH
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Connect Solutions AG
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