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EduPortle™ is an Everything-Education-as-a-Service (XEaaS) platform, providing a secure, single-sign-on (SSO) cloud-based education portal which easily delivers any LMS (Learning Management System), any SMS (School Management System) as well as any Business Application to anyone, anywhere – regardless of end-user device and a minimum 3G internet connection.

About Us

EduPortle Inc., is co-founded by MergingMinds International LLC (a global business accelerator), and three technology companies (oneclick Platform US Inc., Connect Solutions AG and Cross Strategies GmbH).
MergingMinds International LLC
MMI, The Global Business Accelerator, has built digital & physical ecosystems on both sides of the Atlantic (Florida, Europe & U.S.) that allow us to support entrepreneurs, early stage and later stage technology companies with their development, scaling, and global expansion initiatives. MMI currently focuses on supporting promising technology companies from Europe with their US Market Entry initiatives and US Companies entering the EU Markets.
Oneclick Platform US Inc. & oneclick Cloud AG, Switzerland & Germany
oneclick Platform US Inc. is a 100% subsidiary of oneclick AG incorporated and registered in Zurich, Switzerland. oneclick is a vendor of a cloud platform for the automated provisioning of IT (Cloud) infrastructure, software applications and data for end users. The delivery works via highly encrypted streaming into a workspace in the browser. The mission of oneclickTM platform is to be the easiest, fastest and safest way to provision all business applications and data and connect users with it. As a state-of-the-art solution for simplifying application and data provisioning, oneclickTM platform has extensive technological security implemented. oneclickTM platform, for example, follows a Zero Trust Network architecture and enables an out of the box implementation of this best practice in IT security.
Cross Strategies GmbH
Cross Strategies is a software development company based in Vienna, Austria. Cross Strategies is operating two successful software & security trading platforms under the brands AgenaTrader and TradersYard. Based on this technology Cross Strategies has developed a portal for corporate online education including features like video chat rooms, online events, classroom scheduler.
Connect Solutions AG
Connect Solutions AG is based in Zürich, Switzerland. It is specialized in the development of software and content for the education and training market. Gamification and social learning are key elements of the learning process. Connect allows organization to meet employees learning and development needs. It is the virtual meeting place where people learn how to transfer acquired knowledge into business practice.

Meet our Executive Board

Dieter Kondek: Founder & CEO / MergingMinds International LLC

Serial Entrepreneur, Corporate Executive, and Venture Capitalist.  Accomplished Chief Executive Officer, Serial Entrepreneur, Board Member and Investor with global business experience, and history of delivering increased shareholder value through above-market growth and multimillion-dollar profitability improvement in highly competitive business environments. Multilingual & multicultural executive, spanned the range from startup to public company in the Americas, Europe & Asia. My career in high tech boasts some of the industry’s leading companies such as IBM, Dell, TechData, Pivot3, MetaCreations and Linotype-Hell. A frequent speaker & panel member at conferences like Blockchain Economic Forum | World Innovation Forum | Smart City Conference | Internet World | European Technology Forum.

Dominik Birgelen: Founder & CEO / oneclick AG

Dominik Birgelen is the CEO of leading virtual workspace provider, oneclick AG. Dominik is a serial entrepreneur. From a young age, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and has been through various challenges of start-ups and had successful exits. He currently wears several hats within oneclick such as overseeing sales, marketing and business development. Despite his busy routine, he has a good work life balance and promotes this to his team.

Gilbert Kreuzthaler: Founder & CEO / Cross Strategies GmbH

Gilbert Kreuzthaler is the founder and CEO of Cross Strategies GmbH, which runs the highly innovative trading and investing platform AgenaTrader (, which is especially designed for institutional needs. He also supervises the strategic element of Cross Strategies GmbH, in order to successfully place AgenaTrader on the worldwide trading/investment market and manages the B2B business development for the company. For more than 25 years, Gilbert has held requirements and project management positions with major responsibility in the financial industry at P.S.K. Austrian Postbank, Unisys Austria, Unisys International, Czech Savings Bank and Allianz SE Austria/Suisse/Germany. He was one of the architects of the global Allianz Business System (ABS) and managed the technical development of the sales portals for cars, properties, commercial insurance and investment funds. In addition, he has a profound professional experience in Trading and Investment. These areas of knowledge inspired him to finally create the trading software that the institutional invesment market needs, and which got launched in 2013. Start of 2020 he managed to launch in combination with Choop.Chat-Video conferencing, which is a social network for Traders and Investors and serves a basis technology for EduPortle™.

Rene Mueller: Founder & CEO / Connect Solutions AG
René Müller was the owner and CEO of GMC Software for 18 years . During this time, he transformed the printing equipment reseller business into a specialized software development company. After the company was sold in 2012, he became president of the Waterkiosk Foundation, a charity that works to provide communities in Tanzania with clean water. A few years ago he founded Connect, a secure, in-house tool that teams and managers can use to communicate smoothly with one another. This platform forms the backbone of the digital offer of the Swiss Connect Academy. René lives and works in Switzerland, is married and has two grown children.

Meet our Management Team

Dieter Kondek
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Martineau
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Manuel Sonnleithner

Chief Technology Officer

Nehal Thakore

Chief Alliance Officer 

Marina Ribi

VP Product Marketing

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