Enabling Academic

Institutions to make a greater impact.

A student’s accessibility to Education
has a profound impact on their future.
EduPortle™ is a modular platform and
collaborative tool that help educators
increase accessibility, productivity and engagement among their students,
 while equipping them with new, more
engaging ways to learn the skills they
need to succeed in the world
of tomorrow.

A Modular,

Single Sign-On Portal

EduPortle™ is a modular system that gives educators the freedom to spend less time managing the learning experience and more time personalizing it. Students can fully experience next-generation teaching and learning they’ll use in their future careers, with the option to add any of the proprietary Ed.Modules for scheduling, communication, teaching and collaboration that facilitates
Education for All. All for Education.



Edu.Class mimics an in-person classroom where students login at the usual start of school and are navigated throughout an entire school day (inclusive recess and lunch).


Edu.Meet is our own secure cloud platform for video, voice, content sharing, and 2-way chat that can detach and hover over any Learning Management System (LMS), Education Application or Business Application


Edu.Teach is our customizable quiz and curriculum builder that offers opportunities for gamification, and adaptable learning that leverages the power of peer grading, tutorship, AR / VR, and technology in infinite ways.


Edu.Drive enables organizations to regain control over their data by ensuring compliance, security and immediate availability.

IT administration made easy.

EduPortle™ is easy to deploy, use,
analyze and manage. With just few clicks, IT administrators can setup new workspaces for students and manage their access or entire district. This reduces the time spent
 on implementation and maintenance
 of resources and reallocates it to
further developing the institution’s
own IT strategy.

New ways to accelerate,

connect and innovate

From seamless video conferencing to mimicking a typical school day. 
The modular platform of Eduportle™ runs seamlessly alongside any Academic Institution’s current tools and systems,
and minimizes the expenses and unnecessary commitment associated with buying costly IT infrastructure, platform features, advanced security and access solutions. 

With EduPortle™, you can book all this as a service at a lower cost and with complete flexibility in relation to actual usage. Education-Cloud-as-a-Service helps
you innovate faster, transform digitally, and gain access to cutting-edge technologies.

Benefits of
Digital Transformation

Learning Center

Browse a collection of free, online training resources to help educators effectively use EduPortle™ technology in the classroom.

Setup Guides

Find the resources your IT team needs to plan, deploy, and support EduPortle™ solutions at your school.

Product Support

Get answers to your questions and access guides, tutorials, user forums, and support for EduPortle™ for Education products.

Cost-effective, with
built in security.

EduPortle™ is a cost-effective way for companyies to make curriculum universal across platforms, and facilitate BYOD
 (Bring Your Own Device) as a way of increasing access to technology
 without the cost of purchasing a
 device for each employee, and taxing
 the school bandwidth/infrastructure
 investment, all with multiple layers of security to keep students and data

Help your team get started

Want to bring EduPortle™ to your school? We’ve got you covered.
Whether you’re an educator or administrator — there are programs,
training, and support for you. Use our free resources
or connect with partners.

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