Digitally Transform your

Corporate Education & Training.

Companies have realized they can move faster, more effectively and less expensively online. Employees can access Education & Training when time allows and many online courses, LMS’s and Apps can customize content to individual learners and track and measure learning outcomes in ways that even the best in-person training has never been able to do.

An Education portal built for

21st Century learning.

A modern classroom and flexible working time models improve the user and instructor experience and rapid provisioning, and access from any end-user device through a modern broswser increases the competitiveness and attractiveness of any corporate training program.

Through the classroom in the browser, users can start a project on one device and continue it seamlessly on another device. Plus, Edu.Drive enables the secure exchange of documents with internal and external partners.



Edu.Class mimics an in-person classroom where students login at the usual start of school and are navigated throughout an entire school day (inclusive recess and lunch).


Edu.Meet is our own secure cloud platform for video, voice, content sharing, and 2-way chat that can detach and hover over any Learning Management System (LMS), Education Application or Business Application


Edu.Teach is our customizable quiz and curriculum builder that offers opportunities for gamification, and adaptable learning that leverages the power of peer grading, tutorship, AR / VR, and technology in infinite ways.


Edu.Drive enables organizations to regain control over their data by ensuring compliance, security and immediate availability.

Why EduPortle™
for Companies?

IT administration

made easy.

EduPortle™ is easy to deploy, use, analyze and manage. With just few clicks, IT administrators can setup new users and manage their access for the entire company, which reduces the time spent on implementation and maintenance of resources and reallocates it to further developing the company’s own IT strategy.

Learning Center

Browse a collection of free, online training resources to help individuals effectively use EduPortle™ for their education goals.

Setup Guides

Find the resources you plan, deploy, and support EduPortle™ solutions.

Product Support

Get answers to your questions and access guides, tutorials, user forums, and support for EduPortle™ for Education products.

Cost-effective, with
built in security.

EduPortle™ is a cost-effective way for company’s to make curriculum universal across platforms, and facilitate BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as a way of increasing access to technology without the cost of purchasing a device for each employee, and taxing the company’s infrastructure investment, all with multiple layers of security to keep employees and data safe.

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