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or EdTech App to anyone, anywhere.

Instead of local installation and high one-time investments, academic institutions, company’s and individual learners today want to consume software on the go and in the form of a monthly or annual subscription.

EduPortle™ is a turnkey solution that enables Software Developers to make any Education software available to customers and users in a named or concurrent user model on any device, with a modern browsers and a minimum 3G internet connection.

Most Popular Apps

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Single sign-on

Any LMS, SMS or EdTech App can build on EduPortle at no cost. You’ll be instantly compatible with EduPortle, and you’ll see real-time analytics for your LMS, SMS or EdTech App.


EduPortle makes any LMS, SMS or EdTech App compatible with any Academic Institutions student information system. Edu.Roster integration is available at an affordable, per-school cost for any LMS, SMS or EdTech App.


With the free Edu.Library integration, any LMS, SMS or
EdTech App can be discovered by teachers, safely authorized for classroom use, and quickly delivered and provioned for students.

Safely Discover, Test, and Review edtech

Edu.Gallery is a catalog of high-quality edtech that can be easily made available in EduPortle. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or for specific edtech for your class or personal use, you can easily browse by Category, New Releases or Most Popular.

When you discover a resource for your class, your IT Administrator can easily provision it, and make it immediately available for you and your students use.

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