Transform Education

with our easy-to-use Edu.Modules

Increase your learning capabilities with our Edu.Modules, that faciliate real-time collaboration, communication and gamification that is all accessible on any device, through a modern browser, and a mimimum 3G internet connection.


Edu.Teach is our customizable quiz and curriculum builder that offers opportunities for gamification, and adaptable learning that leverages the power of peer grading, tutorship, AR / VR, and technology in infinite ways.


The Newsfeed offers real time targeted communication. Keep your classes and teams informed about important news and updates and have them engage with likes and comments.


Increase productivity with the chat. Share instant text messages, voice messages, files or even small polls securely in individual, group, class or team chats. Collaboration has never been so easy.


Here is where the magic happens. The learning module offers infinite possibilities for creating fun and effective learning content. Build the curriculum that your students deserve and have them discover the joy of learning.


Leverage social learning with this powerful peer-grading tool, enabling students to share videos and files with their classmates or learning groups in order to collect their peer’s feedback.


This function allows you to keep a performance progress overview of your classes and teams in order to ensure that each student reaches their full learning potential.


Give your students a voice by encouraging your classes and teams to provide feedback and valuable inputs on selected topics. This tool shares your surveys conveniently in the Newsfeed and provides you with the data results.


Edu.Class mimics an in-person classroom where students login at the usual start of school and are navigated throughout an entire school day (inclusive recess and lunch).

Timeline & Newsfeed

Post notifications, news, assignments and other information to the timeline of your classroom or learning group, embed YouTube Live-Streams in your timeline, share and manage documents, schedules, lectures and more for your class.

Timetable & Schedule

Organize your day with our timetable, that shows you your schedule for the current day, and up to the next 5 days in the future. The timetable is auto-updating, so you always see when your next lecture is coming up and will be notified via a sound-alert 5 minutes and 1 minute before the next class starts..

Calendar & Notifications

Get a bird’s-eye-view of your schedule for the next days and weeks, with the automated calendar that holds all your lectures, events and appointments and notifies you when a meeting or class is about to start.

Chat & Communication

Communicate effectively via modern chatting with your friends, teachers, or your whole class. Share text, screenshots, files – and enter into video-conferences and calls with a single click in the chat-sidebar. Set access rights for the chat for students during lecture-time to make sure your students keep focused.

Join video-conferences with a single click

Each class has a video-classroom automatically created for it (powered with Edu.Meet technology), and with our advanced permission system, you can access your classroom-conference securely with a single click. In addition – one click in the chat-area is enough to start a call with your friends.

Secure Quick-Access to your Edu.Portal desktop

With our Single Sign-On Edu.Portal button you will be able to open and access your personalized Edu.Portal desktop and continue your work there.

Mobile app to never miss anything

Our mobile notifier app sends you push-messages for new chat-messages, new posts in your timeline and when a meeting oir class is about to start – so you never miss anything that is happening in Edu.Class. Available for Android and iOS.


Edu.Meet is our own secure cloud platform for video, voice, content sharing, and 2-way chat that can detach and hover over any Learning Management System (LMS), Education Application or Business Application.

High quality audio + video conferencing

Crisp-clear audio and video meetings directly in your browser. Share your webcam, microphone and desktop. Raise your hand virtually to ask a question without interrupting the speaker.

Very easy access - no download needed

Based on the latest WebRTC technology, Edu.Meet does not need any download – a single click is all you ned to join a meeting directly in your browser.

Secure conference rooms

Our meetings are secured with state-of-the art measures. In addition, you can set a password for a meeting for an additional layer of security. As moderator, you can manage who can access your conference.

Different conference modes

Basic Meeting-Mode allows for seamless group-calls and videoconferences. Education-Mode allows the teacher to control his/her class by seeing all their student’s webcams, while the students can only see their teacher and not their classmates, to avoid distraction.

Picture-In-Picture mode

Leverage the latest picture-in-picture technology, that allows any stream to be detached from the meeting and placed anywhere on your screen – always on top of any other EdTech Apps or LMS’s you are using. This allows you to work on assignments while you have the stream of your teacher always visible, so you can follow the lecture and interact in real-time.

Built-In synchronized chat

Access the classroom-chat from Edu.Class directly in your Edu.Meet conference – the chat is synced between those two Edu.Modules, which allows for seamless communication and avoids the loss of any chat-messages.

Works on any OS

With no download required and the ability to run Edu.Meet directly in your browser, Edu.Meet is usable on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.) and any device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Raspberry Pi)

Fully Integrated In Edu.Portal, Edu.Class and Edu.Teach

You can access Edu.Meet conferences with a single click from Edu.Portal, Edu.Class and Edu.Teach.

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